Psychedelic Research Organization of Zurich.

If you are fascinated by the mysterious and eye-opening world of psychedelics, this could be the right place for you. Switzerland is a hub for psychedelic research, of which much is done in Zurich. We at PROZ  play our part as a student organization by making academic research of psychedelics accessible to students and the general public alike.

Swiss Psychedelic Student Forum
Call for Speakers!

Are you a Bachelors, Masters or PhD student conducting research about psychedelics? Do you want to present your work to an audience of fellow students and the public who are passionate about psychedelics?

Then apply to join us as a speaker at the Swiss Psychedelic Student Forum! We are accepting submissions of abstracts on any topic of research concerning psychedelics. Your topic may also be situated in any field of research such as psychology, neuroscience, anthropology, or philosophy.

Abstract: max. 400 words. Please submit in English.Presentation: 45 minutes (30 minutes presentation followed by 15 minutes discussion). Presentations must be given in English. These will be recorded and uploaded to our YouTube channel.

If you are selected to present, we will cover your travel expenses if needed and further provide you with a few additional benefits.

Please send your abstract submission by the 31st of February 2024, and any questions that you might have, to

When submitting your abstract, further provide your name, contact information, and Swiss institutional affiliation.

We are looking forward to hear from you :)

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Events Fall Semester 2023

Public Talk

Mindscapes and Landscapes

by Dr. Matthias Forstmann
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December 12, 2023
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UZH Main Building, Rämistrasse 71, Room KOL-F-101

How do psychedelics modulate our attitudes towards Nature? At our last talk of the semester, Dr. Matthias Forstmann will share his fascinating insights into the potential of psychedelic substances altering our connectedness to nature, our concern for the environment and our ecological behavior in general. In his research Dr. Forstmann combines philosophical theories of great thinkers such as René Descartes with psychological paradigms, investigates moral judgements and behaviors and shares a deep interest in implicit theories of lay people. Join us in learning more about the promising effects psychedelics could have on climate awareness!

Public Talk

Ayahuasca & Analogues: Effects on the relationship to oneself and others

by Dr. Helena Aicher
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November 14, 2023
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18:30 - 19:30
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UZH Main Building KOL-G-217

Dr. Helena Aicher is a psychotherapist in training and a researcher, looking into the effects of serotonergic psychoactive compounds, particularly ayahuasca, on subjective experiences and relationships. Combining personal trips to South-America and Africa with thorough scientific training, her work also delves into the role of psychotherapy and contextual factors in psychedelic-assisted therapy.

Public Talk

Psychedelics In Limited Medical Use | What We Can Learn From Shamanism For A Group Therapy Setting

by Dr. med. Heiner Dörfle
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October 17, 2023
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18:30 – 19:30
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UZH Main Building KOL-F-101

Did you know that Psychedelic Assisted Therapy is legal in Switzerland? Learn more about the Limited Medical Use Program, Psychedelics in Group Therapy and Shamanism in our next lecture by Dr. med. Heiner Dörfler. Dr. med. Heiner Dörfler is a humanistic Psychiatrist who has spent a few years in Columbia learning about Ayahuasca from native tribes and later developed his dissertation based on this experience. Dr. Dörfler completed his medical degree in Zurich, spent time in Oxford involved in Psychedelic Research and now works as a Psychiatrist specializing in humanistic Group Therapy.

Public Talk

Beyond the High - Investigating the Long-Term Effects of MDMA

by Nicole Fridli
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October 3, 2023
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18:30 – 19:30
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UZH Main Building KOL-F-101

Nicole Friedli will present the research she participated in and discuss whether MDMA is bad for our brains. MDMA was thought to be neurotoxic, but recent research has shown it's potential use in psychotherapy. What where the difficulties of researching a illegal substance and what were the findings? Join us to learn the answers and get the opportunity to ask questions.

About Proz

Who We Are

PROZ stands for Psychedelic Research Organization of Zurich. We are a student association dedicated to exploring the scientific framework surrounding psychedelics. Our interdisciplinary team includes students from fields like psychology, pharmacology, biology, physics, and computer sciences; all united by our academic interest in psychedelics. Our goal is to raise awareness of the potential benefits and risks associated with psychedelics, as well as their clinical and psychotherapeutic applications. We also strive for open science, making research accessible to everyone, and creating opportunities for dialogue and networking. We organize a variety of events, including talks, discussions, and informal events, where experts and members can share and discuss their knowledge.

Our Engagement

Founded in 2022, we are a young organisation. Nevertheless, we have an Instagram account where we post useful information about our activities and interesting information about psychedelics in general. Also, in fall 2023 we launched our first public talk series and could not have been happier with the amount of people showing up. As we become more experienced with organising events, we hope to offer a wide range of activities for students, professors, researchers and the general public interested in psychedelics. All our upcoming events will be registered on this website.

Our Network

ALPS Foundation

The ALPS Foundation is a Swiss non-profit organization dedicated to educating professionals and the general public on evidence-based psychedelic research and therapy. Supporting community building around these topics, and paving the way for therapeutic psychedelic treatments provided in a safe, legal, and accessible manner.

Other than collaborating in different Swiss psychedelic research projects as well as in the access facilitation to safe and legal psychedelic treatments for patients in need, the ALPS Foundation also organizes two highly successful academic events on psychedelic science in Switzerland. Check out the website to learn more about those Events.

Visit the ALPS Website
ALPS Logo - Awareness Lectures on Psychedelics in Switzerland

Swiss Psychedelic Student Network

The Swiss Psychedelic Student Network brings together all university student associations dedicated to psychedelic sciences at a national level.

While their ambition is rooted locally, their perspective is international, providing students interested in psychedelics with an environment to grow and learn. Through various events, they aim to disseminate evidence-based knowledge about psychedelics, including medical applications, fundamental biological research, and social perspectives.

Sharing the same goals, the ALPS Foundation and the Swiss Psychedelic Student Network have created the ALPS Student Board, a team composed of one or two representatives from each student association. This board facilitates communication and collaboration between these entities, to coordinate educational programs and promote psychedelic science communication at a national scale.

Swiss Psychedelic Student Network Logo

Members of the Swiss Psychedelic Student Network

Psychedelic Awareness & Research Association Basel
Association pour la Recherche sur les Psychédéliques de l'Université de Genève
Psychedelic Awareness & Research Association Basel
Psychedelic Research Organization Of Bern
Neuchâtel Association for Psychedelic Awareness
Psychedelic Association of Lausanne for Awareness

How You Can Support Us

Tell your friends

Psychedelics are all about strengthening existing connections and forming new ones. Tell your friends about our association and our projects, take them with you and make them bring their friends too! Our events are great opportunities to make even more friends and to find out about interesting frontiers in psychedelic science and possible master theses, PHD's, internships and jobs that are up for grabs.

Become a sponsor

As a non-profit Organization we do our very best to make every event as free as possible. To achieve this, we invite organizations to join us as sponsors. Your support allows us to offer these enlightening events without any cost barriers, reaching a broader audience and fostering a greater understanding of psychedelics. As a valued sponsor, your organization's name and logo will be prominently featured at each event, demonstrating your commitment to advancing knowledge and awareness.

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